Thursday, December 01, 2011

Make Everyday Your Best Day !!

Tears Express Real Feelings More Than Words, 
Touch Shows More Care Than Words,
Words... When Used Properly Can Hold Tears 'n Touch The Heart.. !

Some People Accidently
Walk on your Feet and Apologize...
While some People
Walk all Over your Heart and 
You don't even Realize. 

"The Heart is the only machine that works 
without any repairing for years."
Always keep it HAPPY.....
whether it is 'yours' or 'others'.

Each successful person has a painful story
Each painful story has a Successful ending
Accept the pain
Achieve the gain
That's Real life.

The hardest part of
missing friends is not their absence,
it’s when u think
of all those gud times
and ask yourself, 'Will those moments ever happen again?’!!!

A Broken Trust Can Be Described As
A Melted Chocolate
No Matter How Hard you Try To Freeze It,
It Will Never Returns To
Its True Shape .