Friday, September 04, 2009

Special Morning Messages !!!


Do not ask to have your life's load lightened;
ask forcourage to endure.

Do not ask for fulfillment in all your life;
ask for patience to accept frustration.

Do not ask for perfection in all you do;
ask for the wisdom not to repeat mistakes.

And finally do not ask for more before saying "Thank you"
for what you have already received.

Ability will enable a man to get to the top, but it takes character to keep him here.

You can't make a place for yourself under the sun,
if you keep sitting in the shade of the family tree.

Adversity is the only diet that will reduce a fat head.

We learn something from prosperity, but we many more from adversity.

Have a nice day.. !!!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Rise With The Sun !


I met this guy and he has a motto he lives by everyday. He said listen carefully and live by these 4 rules : Drink, Steal, Swear, & Lie.

I was shaking my head 'NO', but he then told me to listen while he explained his four rules. So here they are :

1.. "Drink" from the "everlasting cup" every day.

2.. "Steal" a moment to help someone that is in worse shape than you are.

3.. "Swear" that you will be a better person today than yesterday.

4.. And last, but not least, when you "lie" down at night thank God you live on this beautiful planet and have freedom.

I am not as good as I should be,

I am not as good as I could be,

but THANK GOD I am better than I used to be!!!


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Cool Morning Sentences !

Enjoy life, no matter how hard it may seem!
When life gives you a thousand reasons to cry,
show the world that....
You have million reasons to SMILE.

~ Unknown

When you have a Passion and a Reason to do something,
you will surely have what you want...
It may seem hard or even impossible,
but if you have a Strong Enough Reason to do Something,
You will be able to tap in your Inner Potential!

~ Unknown

Every morning when I get up, the first thing I decide is:
What do I want?
Misery? Blisfullness?
What am I going to choose today?
And it happens that I always choose blissfulness.
It is my choice, it is my life.

~ Abdullah


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pleasant Morning Thoughts !!!

Good Morning Everyone !!!

When we wake up in the morning, we have two simple choices :
We can go back to sleep and dream or we can get up and chase those dreams.
The choice is yours.

A small word of encouragement sometimes can make someone
to achieve the unbelievable things in life,
furthermore we live only once........why not make the best out of it.

Time is like a river.
You cannot touch the same water twice,
because the flow that has passed will never pass again.
Enjoy every moment of life.

"The road to happiness lies in two simple principles :
find what it is that interests you and that you can do well,
and when you find it put your whole soul into it -
every bit of energy and ambition and natural ability you have."

~ John D. Rockefeller III

Monday, August 31, 2009

Make everyday your Best Day !

There is no perfect life, but we can fill it with perfectMoments,

One of the joys in life is waking up each day with thoughts that

Someone cares enough to send a warm morning greeting !!!

When u really want something,

Sometimes u have to swim a little ...Deeper... .

You can't give up just because things don't come easy....

You have to overcome the obstacles and face your fears....

But in the end, it's all worth while!!!!

Life is full of ups and downs,

But if u believe in yourself....

U will always come through with flying colors.....

Value Friendship, Love and Faith...

"Never let yesterday's disappointments overshadow tomorrow's dreams"

Have a pleasant day !!!