Friday, October 21, 2011

True Morning Statements !!

A man can fail many times,
but he isn't a failure until he
begins to blame somebody else.

~   John Burroughs

Remember that not getting what you want
is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

~   Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama

Understand the difference between "failing,"
which each of us does often,
and "being a failure,"
which is a state of mind 
no one should ever allow themself to fall into.

Know that your true self,
a spiritual being, is always perfect.

Expressing gratitude seems like a cosmic invitation
for all kinds of thankfulness and appreciation to pour in.

~   Mary Anne Radmacher

"Don't place your mistakes on your head, 
their weight may crush you.
Instead, place them under your feet 
and use them as a platform to view your horizons."


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beautiful Morning Sentences !

It is an eternal obligation toward the human being 
not to let him suffer from hunger when 
one has a chance of coming to his assistance.

~   Simone Weil

It is good to dream, but it is better to dream and work.  
Faith is mighty, but action with faith is mightier.

~   Thomas Robert Gaines

You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, 
to run by running, to work by working; 
in just the same way, you learn to love by loving.

~   St. Francis De Sales

Have the courage and the wisdom and the vision to raise 
a definite standard that will appeal to the best that is in man, 
and then strive mightily toward that goal.

~   Harold E. Stassen

The best job goes to the person who can get it done 
without passing the buck or coming back with excuses.

~   Napoleon Hill

We will either find a way, or make one.

~   Hannibal

It is more important to know where you are going 
than to get there quickly.

~   Mabel Newcomber

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Lovely Morning !!

Success does not come or happen. You have to bring it or make it happen.

Lead ur life similar to a dictionary. 
Providing meaning to everyone's life who is in touch with u....

'Live well and happy in this world..' 
Its the best revenge to those who have hurt U 
and avoided U in their life'..

Setbacks are an inevitable part of our journey in life. 
Without them life would be so boring !

Doing nothing is very hard to do. 
You never know when you are finished

Happiness always looks small if you hold it in yourhands,
but when you learn to share it,
you will realize how big and precious it is..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lovely Morning Sentences !!

Whoever you may be, Wherever life leads you,
You are always
a Mom's child,
a Dad's dream,
a Family's future,
a Friend's heart &
Someone's life!
Be the best of it......

Three Rules of Life :
Out of clutter find simplicity
From discord find harmony,
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity ! 

If you look at what you do not have in life;
You don't have anything.
If you look at what you have in life;
You have everything.

Two bulls always fight in person's mind : 
Good one & Bad One
Do you know which one will win ?
Is the one you feed the most !
Don't allow the bad one to win.

Unexpected results and problems are part of life. 
Never lose hope in any condition
because Darkness of night always finishes with light.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cool Morning Statements !!

Sharing a permenant relationship is not an easy task..
It depends on the spoken words..
But also depends on understanding the unspoken words..!!

When something bad happens, you have three choices.
You can either let it define you,
let it destroy you or
you can let it strengthen you.

Words and hearts should be handled with care
for words when spoken and hearts when broken 
are the hardest things to repair

You spend your health to gain your wealth
Then spend your wealth to gain your health

Don't say that your best years have passed...
You have yet to live the rest of them.