Friday, August 12, 2005

Feel Good When Somebody Miss You...

Feel Good When Somebody Miss You.
Feel Better When Somebody Loves You.
But Feel Best When Somebody Never Forgets You.
Like Me :-)
-:- Good Morning -:-

Happy Moments - PRAISE GOD...

Happy Moments - PRAISE GOD;
Difficult Moments - SEEK GOD;
Quite Moments - WORSHIP GOD;
Painful Moments - TRUST GOD;
Every Moment - THANK GOD!!!
Good Morning...!!!

Happiness keeps you Sweet...

Happiness keeps you Sweet,
Trails make you Strong,
Sorrows keeps you Human,
Failure keeps you Humble,
Success keeps you Glowing and,
GOD keeps you Going!
Good Morning...!!!

A Very Good Morning

You have Got a Smile,
That Never Fades...
A Golden Heart,
That Never Hates...
A Style That's,
That's many of the,
Reasons Why You are,
So Lovable...
A Very Good Morning...!!!