Thursday, April 19, 2012

Intelligent Morning One-Liners !!

One thing you can give and still your Word.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Whan all else is lost, the future still remains   ~   Bovee.

Borrowing is much better than begging   ~   Lessing.

They conquer who believe they can   ~   Dryden.

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.   ~   Franklin.

In trouble to be troubled, is to have your trouble doubled.   ~   Pefer

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bright Morning Messages !

I love photos Because the best thing about them is that. 
They never change, Even when the people in them Change.

When you rise in life , your friends know who you are !
When you fall down , you know who are your friends ..

In 20 years, you will be more disappointed by what you didn't do
than by what you did.

"You must do the things today that others will not do, 
so that you can have the things tomorrow that others will not have."

No one has a right to consume happiness without producing it

When your Time is Good, Your Mistakes are taken As a Joke! 
But When Your Time is Bad, Even your Jokes are Noticed as Mistakes!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lovely Morning Phrases !!

Life will keep Moving,
Some People will be there with You For Sometime,
Some People Will Go Away, 
But Those who find you Special, 
Will always find ways to Stay with You.. !

You never get a person of your type in this world
You will either have to adjust or You will have to compromise
You adjust when Someone wants to be with you
And you compromise when you want to be with some one ..
Amazing but true.

“ Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people 
who have the habit of making excuses.”

~   George Washington Carver

Improved characteristic is not itself the game-changer, 
but will add happiness to happiness or 
remove unhappiness from unhappiness.
That way, measure by measure, 
we can grow our happiness until we realize one day 
that life is beautiful, even joyful, 
despite the difficulties inherent to living.

“Everyone you Meet is not Just a Coincidence but Destiny, 
Leave something wonderful to those who Pass by your Life 
so they will find it hard to Erase you from their Heart”.. !

Monday, April 16, 2012

Enjoy This Beautiful Morning !!!

Hard things are put in our way, not to stop us, 
but to call out our courage and strength.

~   Anonymous

"He who controls the past commands the future. 
He who commands the future conquers the past."

~   George Orwell

There is in every true woman's heart a spark of heavenly fire, 
which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity; 
but which kindles up, and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.

~   Washington Irving

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

~   Charles Caleb Colton

"The more you find out about the world, 
the more opportunities there are to laugh at it."

~   Bill Nye

Once you make a decision, 
the universe conspires to make it happen.

~   Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every thought we think is creating our future.

~   Louise L. Hay