Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautiful Morning Words !!

There are two types of people who will tell you that 
you cannot make a difference in this world:
Those who are afraid to try themselves
And those who are afraid that you will succeed !

Hug the person you really love & tell them 
how much you care for them. 
Because when they are gone, 
no matter how loud you shout & cry, 
they won't hear you anymore.

Believe in what you can do, 
instead of what others say you can't do. 
And you will accomplish great things !

One of the best things in life is 
seeing a smile on a person's face 
and knowing that you put it there !

Always Think positive to remain stress free !
when you have problems in your life
don't complain to God about how big your problems are , 
but tell your problems how big your GOD is !!!!

Men of genius are admired, 
men of wealth are envied, 
men of power are feared; 
but only men of character are trusted !