Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Make the Best Use of Every Moment !

Heavy rains remind us of challenges in life. 
Never ask for a lighter rain.
Just pray for a better umbrella. That is attitude. 

Life is not about finding the right person, 
but creating the right relationship, 
it's not how we care in the beginning, 
but how much we care till ending. 

Often when we lose all hope and think this is the end, 
God smiles from above and says, 
relax dear its just a bend. Not the end. 
Have Faith and  have a successful life.

One of the basic differences between God and human is,
God gives,  gives and forgives. 
But human gets, gets, gets and forgets.
Be thankful in life! 

Only two types of persons are happy in this world.
1st is Mad and 2nd is Child. 
Be Mad to achieve what you desire and
be a Child to enjoy what you have achieved!

Never play with the feelings of others 
because you may win the game 
but the risk is that you will surely 
loose the person for life time.