Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Refreshing Morning Sentences !

Determination is the strength that will enable you 
To pass the barrier of useless thoughts in order 
To create positive thoughts and to be successful
In whatever you wish.

It comes from within and its partner is patience.
Patience teaches you not to push but rather to wait and appreciate the game of life instead, 
knowing that nothing remains the same, and everything will change at some point.

We Would Not Have The Wisdom & Knowledge We Now Possess, 
Were It Not For The Setbacks We Have Faced, The Mistakes We Have Made & 
The Suffering We Have Endured... 
Once & For All, We Must Come To Realize That Pain Is A Teacher & 
Failure Is The Highway To Success...

Possibility or Impossibility doesnot depend on the size of our goal
But on the size of our faith
Keep faith to make everything possible, There is only one success

If you try to outrun life, you miss much of its beauty. 
Instead of racing ahead to cover more ground, 
see the treasures that are right here and now.