Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Popular Morning Sentences !

Why people are NOT HAPPY because
They are busy searching WHY Others are HAPPY

One thing I learnt in life is that
Most people dont look for the truths of life;
They only search for someone to agree with them

Everybody seems to be special at first sight
but only very few will remains special till last sight

Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are. 
We are responsible for who we Become.

Love is second mistake created by GOD.
Ofcourse Girls are first mistakes
but the fact is that both are so beautiful !!

Two places are most valuable in the World :
The Nicest place is to be in someone's THOUGHTS and
The Safest place is to be in someone's PRAYERS.

Life has no pause buttons
Dreams have no expiry date
Time has no holiday
So dont waste a single moment in ur life.
Live it  !!
Love it  !!
Rock it  !!