Monday, May 24, 2010

Wonderful Morning Statements !!

It's not your talent or the gift at birth,
It's not your bankbook that determines worth ,
It's not the color or the texture of your skin,
It's your attitude that lets you win.

Success lies not in the result but in the efforts,
"Being" the Best is not important,
"Doing" the Best is all that matters....

Never search your happiness in others,
Which will make you feel alone,
Rather search it in Yourself,
Will feel happy Even if you are left alone…

"Morning is Gods way of saying :
One more time!
Live life.
Make a difference.
Touch 1 heart.
Encourage 1 mind.
Inspire 1 soul .... !!

Silence &  smile are two powerful tools,
Smile is the way to solve many problems &
Silence is the way to avoid many problems.