Monday, May 10, 2010

Refreshing Morning Advice !

It is an instinct we all borne with,
The instinct to protect our selves if threatened,
But sometimes, I ask , if the price you pay at the end , worth it?
And if you don't feel pain, was it all real to begin with?

We sometimes have the perception of Being the TITANIC,
Yet the mighty ship, fell to nature, a piece of ice 1/1000th of its size…
In reality we are borne vulnerable and pain it's a part of life,
And from it we were learn to be strong,

Our strength is in our values,
Our strength is in our beliefs , to be true and right,
Our strength is the love we have for our love ones and others,
Our strength is the ability to listen to others, although threatened!!!

We some times are so quick to past judgment,
And we become something we are not,
When we hear something that hurts us,
And anger soon engulfs our souls,

We make a situation, that if we just simply listen,
We might just be blessed to see a different view point,
And since when different means wrong?

So this new week that its upon us,
Encourage yourself to listen ,
And to blindly take a taste,
Of what some else is offering....

And You might be delightfully surprised!

Have A Exciting Day !!