Friday, June 22, 2007

Hope Does Not Disappoint Us

This hope does not disappoint us...
Romans 5:5

I was chatting online with a friend when I first read the Bible verse: Hope does not disappoint. It struck me as beautiful and I shared it with my friend. But it does! Hope disappoints! It causes you to have expectations and you get shot down,she explained. And I realized we were talking about two different things. She was talking about hope in the things of this world; the line was referring to hope borne out of our experience of God.

I am no stranger to losing hope. For most of my life, I believed that the only way to survive was to avoid situations where I could get hurt. I put up near-insurmountable walls around me so I wouldnt get too attached to anyone or anything. What I didnt realize earlier on was that letdowns are part of life and should be accepted with an open heart. This conviction came during a particularly low day, when I was surprised by a sudden realization: No matter what happens to me, God will never allow me to be unhappy for too long. It is almost impossible to feel bad after a thought like that.Hope in a faithful God does not disappoint.

Is your faith still lacking?
Strengthen my hope; strengthen my faith.